Experts discuss ways to make maths teaching interesting

A state-level workshop on “Exposition of Group Theory and Fluid Dynamics” concluded at DAV Public School today. Around 100 mathematicians and students participated in the two-day workshop to clear their doubts and receive information on how to make teaching of mathematics interesting.

The professors and academicians of Himachal Pradesh University (HPU), along with students from various institutions, participated in the workshop.

Subject expert Dr KL Verma said with the use of computer softwares, teaching of mathematics could not only be made easy abut also interesting to attract students towards the subject. He said MathCAD, MetLAB were best softwares that can calculate complex figures in no time.

PC Verma, principal of DAV school, said students who were afraid of taking up mathematics in higher classes were made to understand the subject and had been encouraged to take it up.